Mike WiLL stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to riff on some of his new projects, including his work with Miley Cyrus, his new single "23," and coming out from behind the boards and stepping into the spotlight. But first he had to address the recent rumors that he was a part of the reason for Miley breaking off her engagement with actor Liam Hemsworth yesterday.

"That's a dope rumor, but it's kind of an old one...But that's what happens when you put two fly people together," he said when asked about it. "There's some real in this industry, but there's a lot of fake in this industry. When you find somebody who's real, I cling to those people. So somebody like Future, I look to him like a real brother, Juicy J, that's my homie for real, 2 Chainz, my homie for real, and then when I started working with Miley, that's my homie for real."

He also spoke about stepping out in front of the cameras, a few days after officially inking his EarDrummas imprint to a deal with Interscope Records. "All the cameras, microphones, interviews, all of this is new, because I was a behind the scenes guy," he said. "I felt like it just pulled me to the front. I don't really wanna drop my album until there's all the way demand...When people want the album, then I'll put it out. I'm scared of rejection and failure."

"You're gonna get some of both in this industry," Charlemagne Tha God joked in response. There's no release date for Mike's debut album, but "23" featuring Miley, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa dropped last week, with a video on the way. Check the song above, and the Breakfast Club interview below.