Meek Mill’s Songs Of The Summer

Future, “Chosen One”
“Chosen One” is one of my favorites just [because] of what he’s talking about. “Rich nigga since birth, Louis V chinchilla.” He said, “Louis V chinchilla/ Bought a brand new Rover, drive it like a 4 wheeler / Solid gold: AP, flooded out with them crystals.” You know, that’s my life right there. You know what I mean? Around that time I heard that shit I just bought a brand new Rover. I’m driving this bitch like a four-wheeler. Just got this $100,000 AP. Shit flooded with them crystals. That shit talked to me. That’s why it’s my favorite song. And the beat, I love the beat. Yeah, that shit turn up.

Rick Ross Featuring Future, “No Games”
Can’t play no games with these niggas with Rozay. I even hit him, “Rozay, I’m mad that I wasn’t there when you laid this.” I needed a verse on that right there. That explains it all. I definitely want to rap on the beat. I might connect one of my verses to it soon.

He’s talking his shit: “Niggas go for self when they caught up in the fame.” “Ain’t no bottles on your table, pussy boy go get your gwolla.” Yeah, he’s talking that shit. It’s one of my favorites. The beat crazy. Future killed the hook. Rozay killing the verses. I love it. Future got “I Be On Dat” with me and Fab on Dreamchasers 3. Fire.

Drake featuring Jay Z, “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2”
Drake killed that shit. Jay Z killed it. Beat’s fire. It’s one of them joints that make you wish you had a verse on there to go toe-to-toe with Drake and Jay Z. Just to showcase yourself. That’s a rapping beat. That’s definitely my lane. I think I can fit on any beat that’s hot. If the beat hot, I can fit on it no matter what type of beat it is.

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