Meek Mill, “You Wouldn’t Understand” (Originally Published October/November 2012)

The incident at W.i.P. happened a few weeks after Meek, Chris Brown and Drake had a tense exchange on Twitter, seemingly over Rihanna—one that slid into an ugly sort of “slut-shaming” of the woman the New York Post dubbed, “The Face That Launched a Thousand Bottles.” Meek alleged that Brown removed him from a song on his album because, “she let me watch da throne!”

Sitting at Roc Nation, Meek struggles to explain his relationship with Brown. “We had words as straight men on the phone,” he says. “He wasn’t feeling this. I wasn’t feeling that, this-that-and-the-third, boom, boom, handled it just like men. That’s how I handle my problems. I don’t need to do no interviews. I wouldn’t even have done this interview. We just talked about it as men, boom, boom. That was it. Then this shit happened the other day, we talked about that, that was it, we were straight.”

“It wasn’t really no problem,” he continues. “I don’t know what he felt some type of way about. It was certain things. I wouldn’t speak about it in a magazine. I felt a certain way about things. He did too. And he handled it. There wasn’t no problem where we don’t like each other afterwards. It’s no big thing.”

There are bigger things, to be sure. Meek’s from a place where the problems go beyond tabloid fare.

“Shit is funny to me. I don’t do nothing but laugh at it. I try to tell you, last time I was at the club, last time I was in Philly, I had my car, I was going to a little cookout, the cookout was supposed to be hot. When I got there, somebody got shot in their head, dead on the ground. Cops seen me out there. I just came through and kept it moving. I couldn’t ride through because the block was blocked off . But it had nothing to do with me because that’s the shit that happened at the time.” ♠

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