Lil Wayne Honored: From Then Til Now (Photos)

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    <h2>“Murder This Shit”</h2>
    “Was too cute to work in a checkout line/So I stayed at home bagging up. But as soon as they got their checks they came to check out mine/And I was working the checkout line, I twerking from chickens to dimes, nigga whaaaan.”
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    <h2>Lil Wayne Born 9/27/1982</h2>
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    <h2>"BM J.R."</h2>
    "And when we hungry you look like pie/Sweet potato-ass nigga you lemon merengue, apple custard/Cherry jelly, don't make me get the biscuit busta"
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    <h2>"All My Life"</h2>
    "Yeah, times is hard as it is/ That's why I got guns and my guns got kids /That's why I be going so tough on them hoes / I play my own hand, I don't shuffle or fold"
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    <h2>"Cali Dro"</h2>
    "I can get it cross the boarder, I got a Ryda name Winona/And I be calmer than a soma, inside of the phantom/And it's lookin' like a sauna, and I still stay high/ And I still got my diplomaAnd I still keep the maggie on me like a Homer"
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    Lil Wayne puts out a rock album in 2010
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In honor of Dedication 5, XXL thought it appropriate to gather up some photos of the man himself, Lil Wayne. As a huge contributor to hip-hop and the founder of one of the most prominent labels in hip-hop to date, Weezy more than deserves this recognition. Salute!

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