Out with the new, in with the Old. Detroit misfit, Danny Brown's forthcoming album Old hits shelves on October 8, so the eccentric rapper decided fulfill some fans' intrigue by taking part in Reddit's Ask Me Anything Session. Brown chopped it up with fans about everything from the craziest thing he's ever witnessed coming up in the D, his video game designing aspiration, to trippy sessions gone bad. Check out some selected Q&A's from the AMA session, below.

What is the most fucked up thing you've seen in your days living in Detroit?
I remember one time a domestic dispute was happening and homey shot his girlfriend in front of everybody on the block in the foot with a shotgun .. her toes was allover the street

Who is your favorite non hip-hop artist?
Arcade Fire.

Why didn't ODB make the cut on Old, clearance ish or what?
They wouldn't clear the sample

What's your craziest experience with any drug?
Damn near overdosed on MDMA in London .. But I played one of my best shows that night

What do you think of Lil B?
He's an icon .. if it wasnt for Base God it wouldn't be a lot of us around right now

Are you still interested in making video games?
Yea I am, shit is expensive though. So i gotta stack up.

What were some of your inspirations for XXX?
Joy Division's Closer album

What is your favorite album of all time? Hip-hop or not, doesn't matter?
Love - Forever Changes

Who was the best rapper to party with?
The TDE guys, for sure.

If you could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with anything (not limited to one object) what would it be?
Bitches bruh bruh

[via Reddit]