As his profile in music has exploded exponentially over the last year, Kendrick Lamar has become a ubiquitous presence on your favorite artist's album. Kendrick has delivered a series of high-profile guest appearances on artists that include A$AP Rocky, Drake, 5o Cent and Lady Gaga that has made him one of the most coveted features in all of rap.

In an interview with  Jay Z’s Life + Times video blog, Kendrick Lamar reveals the secret to getting the most out of his guest features. The simple trick it seems is that Kendrick must be feeling your song, in order, for him to give his best.

“You know I take features not really about the price, but really the songs that I like or I find some type of connection with."  Kendrick reveals. "I have to like the song. Cause if I don’t like the song then I’mma bring a trashy ass verse. You’re only as good as your last product no matter what it is. If it’s a verse, an interlude, or song."

As the interview progressed, Kendrick Lamar also opened up about his place in hip-hop, his plans on expanding TDE and his desire to raise the bar in hip-hop.

“Music is powerful,” he told Life + Times. “Everybody need to be hearing this music that I’m doing, that TDE’s doing. I feel the whole world can take heed to this. That’s my plan. Make the establishment bigger. Make the movement bigger. Make the brand bigger. And continue to build on the Hip Hop culture.”

[Via HipHopDX]