Kanye West had another in his latest string of run-ins with the paparazzi last night. Around 4 A.M. PT this morning, photographers caught Kanye outside of his home's garage door where Kanye got into argument with the cameraman about his personal privacy.

The paparazzo approached Kanye and asked him about his Twitter rant agains Jimmy Kimmel that he had posted online earlier that evening. Kanye grew angered when the photographers would not leave and started shouting at them to stop talking to him before exiting the scene in one of his cars. The incident was captured on video and at one point, Kanye West made a lunge at the cameraman who were allegedly on his property.

This is not the only incident that Kanye has had with the paparazzi the past few months. Kanye West was recently charged with battery of a cameraman stemming from a July 19 incident in which Yeezy allegedly put his hands on a cameraman that was caught on tape by multiple media sources.

No word how this latest incident will affect his upcoming court case but XXL will keep you informed as the situation progresses. You can watch video of the incident over at TMZ.

[Via TMZ]