Kanye West is trying to flip the script on the paparazzi and will press criminal charges on one of the two photographers who recently showed up at his Hollywood Hills pad at 4 A.M., reports TMZ. As recently reported, two photogs showed up at Yeezy's crib in the wee hours on Friday (September 27) to litter him with questions about his beef with Jimmy Kimmel. They were promptly spazzed on by Ye. According to the report, West has security camera footage of one of the men trespassing on his private property and will take the extra step to try and get him prosecuted for criminal trespass.

As the Kanye West versus The Paparazzi grudge match continues, prosecutors in West's battery case want jurors to be able to see the entire video catalog of the rap star running up on the paparazzi. According to a report by TMZ, the Los Angeles City Attorney believes Kanye is the aggressor in all of his pap encounters gone wrong. They want the jury to see at least four other incidents which show West is the one who attacked first. In the battery case, West is claiming self-defense.