In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s Dame Dash was on top of the world. Fast forward to today, and the man who once helmed one of the biggest rap labels in the music business is a shell of his former self, at least financially. So, what caused Dame’s downfall? Obviously, his torn relationship with Jay Z played a role. But, according to one person that was close to the once cocky mogul, Dash’s own ego and personality might have played a large role. One time in house Roc-A-Fella beat maker, Just Blaze recently chopped it up with VladTV. When asked about Dame’s current status, the “Girls, Girls, Girls” producer pointed to Dash’s social skills as the possible reason. “My take on Dame has always been he’s a great guy with a good heart whose mouth just got in the way too much,” said Just. “And that just comes from my own personal dealings with him…There’s times where Dame has been a very great dude to me just on a personal level. And then there were times where he was just an absolute jerk. And I think that it’s a thing where sometimes along the way you—rub enough people the wrong way you lose out on certain opportunities.”

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