Jay Z’s Bodyguard Tasered By Police In Florida, Dies

Jay Z Bodyguard

Norman Oosterbroek, bodyguard to stars like Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West and Nelson Mandela died earlier this week after being tasered by Florida police officers, reports the Miami New Times.

The circumstances surrounding Oosterbroek’s death are puzzling. According to authorities, officers responded to a call of a naked intruder from couple Markus and Christiane Jung on Monday (September 2) night. When they arrived at the location they found a nude Oosterbroek and Markus tussling. During the struggle officers alleged they saw the man who served as Hov’s muscle “ingesting an unknown substance.” When they approached to break up the squabble Oosterbroek violently resisted officers who tasered the 43-year-old in order to subdue him. He later died. According to the report, authorities are awaiting a toxicology statement for an official cause of death.

Oosterbroek is the founder of the personal protection firm RAD which also claimed Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga as clients.

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  • JAY-Z

    wait why u do dis to my nigga

    • Chong

      Thought you dropped the hyphen from your name, Hov?!

  • Jason TC Sesma

    blood sacrifice, RIP bruh, satan you a coward and who follow you – Truss City

    • mmm


  • Jason TC Sesma

    now they’ll kill me, #JESUSIZLORD bet you cant kill that!!!

  • jim harris

    Sad that this guy lost the battle with drugs. Hov and the rest of the celebs should use this as a platform that drugs will ruin your life and kill you. don’t sing about them like their cool. There is nothing cool about dying like this bodyguard did.

  • kayrack

    See I was fuckin tazed twice in Grafton WI and almost died. FUCK THE POLICE!

    • hov

      if you have been tazed 2 times you need to make some lifestyle changes

      • romeo5

        it doesn’t take much before the police in USA use the taser against a person

  • crowdow

    Cops shouldn’t use a tazer unless they are prepared to use a gun in the same situation.. period. Kids die all the time from this, over petty shit . Cops don’t know if someone has a heart condition.. needs to stop.