Amongst the many conflicts Murder Inc. has endured throughout the years, there's one in particular that Irv Gotti whole heartedly takes the blame for. Taking the fault for his once tarnished relationship with Jay-Z, Gotti says that he was completely wrong for attempting to sign Nas at the time of his beef with Jigga.

"In hind sight, I love Nas, I love [Jay-Z] but I should have never did that", said the former mogul in regards to siding with Jay-Z 's former enemy. "Anyone who really knows me,I am one of the most ambitious..I want legendary. I want people to remember my name. I want to do great things. I should have never did that. I should have said stout, I cannot do that."

Continuing, that he came up in the rap game with Jay-Z, he explained that the slip up caused the two years of friendship that they recently rekindled.

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