Hustle Gang’s Doe B Names His Favorite Alabama Bangers

Small Tyme Ballaz, “Certified”
That was the hottest song out of Alabama for a long time. They still play it in the club to this day; [people] know the whole song. They dropped an album on Universal. People can go look it up. Still on the Internet and YouTube. Small Tyme dropped an album called Certified. The crowd goes crazy [in the club]. They still know that song word for word. You would understand why when you hear it. They from where I am from. They get it. We get it because they are from the same streets that we from. We know what they talking about. Everything.

Doe B, “Let Me Find Out”
To this day, I feel like it’s one of my weakest tracks. I didn’t even like the song, but that’s the song that got me all up into New York. That’s the song that got [people] interested in [me]. I did it in 20 minutes. I wasn’t really taking it serious. Somebody had called my engineer on the phone saying some stuff about me. I didn’t know who it was. Later, I went back to see who was playing on the phone. Just like a saying, around my way, let me find out. Let me find out who you got on the phone. Let me find out.

And the beat, I didn’t even like the beat. And that beat been in my email for like a year. It was simple. I threw the beat on and I just went in rocking with it. People liked it around my way. “Alright, it’s cool.” I just put it out. I just throwed that out there. It’s cool, you know? I got a call to put it on my mixtape. I wasn’t even gonna put it on my mixtape out there. They were like, “Man, put this song on there. The people are feeling it.” I throwed it on there. Next thing you know I got a call from [labels] in New York. They were feeling the song and they wanted to fly me up there. It helped me land a deal with Interscope.

When I first did it, Rocko had called my DJ—it was in the club. They playing it in the club, dog. “Let Me Find Out,” they fucking with it. He wanted to get on it. That was the first time [somebody congratulated me on it].

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  • bktodafullest.

    That certified track go hard af! That last nigga went off! Do you so durty forensic science cant explain it!

  • khkilla334

    Im from Montgomery Doe B reppin 4 da city DDoing some major shit and he can rap .I heard of dat otha nigga off certified he got a fi ass mixtape supa dutty no gimmick