It was reported earlier today that Snoop Lion won a pound of weed in a bet on the Mayweather-Canelo boxing match on Saturday Night. Snoop is hardly the first rapper to make an outrageous bet. Rappers have a noted love of gambling and when you factor in their considerable resources it can lead to outrageous betting.

XXL has a compiled a list of some of hip-hop's most outrageous bets of all-time.

Diddy Loses $1 Million To Rick Ross On Dice Game

Snoop wasn't the only rapper making outlandish wagers last weekend. During a friendly game of dice, Rick Ross won a million dollars from Diddy. Like anything that Diddy does he posted the video of losing the mill on Instagram for all to see.

Birdman Bets $5 Million Dollars On The New England Patriots To Win Super Bowl

In January 2012, Birdman took to Twitter to announce his intentions to place $5 million dollars on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl in a rematch against the New York Giants. No word of if Birdman actually paid up when they were defeated by the Giants at the game.

Bow Wow Wagers $1,000 He Can Beat Kobe Bryant In Basketball

In July 2011, diminutive rapper, Bow Wow, bet 5-time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant, $1000 that he could beat him in one-on-one in game of basketball. When the predictable happened and Bow Wow was badly embarrassed, Bow Wow promptly paid Kobe the grand. No word if Bow Wow was unaware that Like Me was not an autobiography.

Game Wins $100,000 From Bow Wow In A Game Of Madden

Apparently, Bow Wow getting his ass-kicked in games is a running theme. Bow Wow took to You-Tube to challenge Game for $100,000 on a game of Madden 2009. Bow Wow later admitted that he lost badly to Game on the George Lopez Show.

Birdman Loses $2,000,000 On The Miami Heat

During the 2011 NBA Finals, Birdman $2 million dollars that the Miami Heat would defeat the Dallas Mavericks that year. Unfortunately for Birdman, Dallas upset the heavily-favored Miami Heat. Birdman might just have terrible luck.

 50 Cent Bets $1 Million Dollars Friend Can't Finish Ironman Race

In October 2011, 50 Cent wagered a million dollars on his friend, Matt Michelsen, Lady Gaga's social media advisor, being unable to finish Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. 50 Cent wasn't being a jerk, he was attempting to motivate Michelsen to complete the race. Michelsen finished.