The Hip-Hop Community Bids Farewell To DJ Mr. Cee After New Prostitution Allegations

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  • BMF1234


    • nat

      you’re ignorant.

  • BrianRaider

    This Is Unfortunate. But He Decided To Bow Out. I’m Not Gonna Make Any Jokes Either.

  • capwulf

    Damn he shouldnt have had to leave like that. Hope that homo ass Bimbo Winehouse is happy, Mr Cee loses his reputation and livelihood possibly his family but at least Bimbo got his youtube views up….damn its sad. Are there any decent people anymore?

  • Hypestyles

    Kudos to Mr. Cee for his contributions to the culture as a DJ, broadcaster and tastemaker. I’m not in NYC so the day-to-day expressions of his career I was not exposed to. Mainly I remember him as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ circa 1987 – 1994.
    Regarding the recent “revelations”– he’s certainly entitled to be into whatever he’s into, though if he’s married there’s a safety context that should not be ignored. His statement that he is not “gay” fits with documented research on (African American) men who have same-sex intimate contact on a recurring basis but who do not identify with any kind of gay/bi/queer labels– again, that’s his business. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how hip-hop’s various communities respond, if at all, to this.