In a recent interview 2 Chainz further explained the events that lead to authorities slamming him with a gun and drug charge in Oklahoma City last month. Explaining that the weapons found on his tour bus were a result of the robbery the rapper sustained earlier this year, he tells that he's gotta look out for himself or no one else will.

“And then for me I made so many mistakes. I made mistakes when I was like previous to being in this position", said 2 Chainz on the latest episode of RapFix Live.  "To where I don’t wanna do mug shots. I don’t wanna be on these TMZs and these news [outlets],” said the rapper. “I’m not trying to portray that. I don’t wanna be the rapper that’s tryna sell albums to go to jail or whatever it is. Because eventually you start looking like you an ignorant if you just keep going for little stuff.

Later speaking about the findings that lead to the charges he added," They said they found a grinder covered in residue. That’s what they said cause I read it and they found guns, which we told them. The guns were there. The situations that happened with me of course I have armed security around. Cause when somebody tried to kill me the police didn’t stop my bus then and say we smelled gun powder in your hair. So, at the end of the day I got two little girls I gotta get home to. I ain’t out here playing with these folks. You know what I’m saying? Any situation like that happen to me again somebody not gon’ leave there walking. And it’s not gon’ be me.”