The fallout from Gucci Mane's bizarre Twitter rant over the past three days—which intensified into an all-day affair yesterday (September 9)—was always going to be a hot topic on the morning radio shows, and Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg didn't spare Guwop at all. In speaking incredulously about the tweets—"Good news, New York, Atlanta may be imploding..."—Rosenberg didn't hold back.

"Gucci Mane has lost his Mane and his mind," Rosenberg said on the air this morning, before continuing, "Yesterday, trying to decipher the level of horrible English that is the Gucci Mane Twitter would need a professor teaching around the clock 24/7 for 10 years to be able to understand what this insane lunatic is babbling on about." He later called him a moron, and suggested that someone needs to intervene before Gucci sets all of Atlanta aflame. "He's taken out Atlanta in one tweet!" Rosenberg ended with.

Check the video above, and see some of the responses from the likes of Nicki Minaj and T.I. here, as well as a number of conspiracy theories behind the meltdown and a complete timeline of Gucci's Twitter rant.