Gucci Mane Fights A Man At The Mall

Earlier today, a video was posted on Instagram purporting to feature Gucci Mane getting into a fight with a fellow shopper at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. The video shows Gucci and an unknown man circling around each other with their fists up, before a woman separates the two men before they can come to blows. After the fight is averted, Gucci Mane walks away from the fight, as on-looking fans chant Gucci’s name and signature “Burr!” catchphrase.

It is unknown at the time when this video was shot but XXL will keep you informed regarding any further developments.’

You can watch the entire video above.

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  • clownshoes

    so corny, nothing even happened, quit reporting on this lunatic.

  • Cwalkinlicc

    Dis nicca is built like Squidward off sponge bob suare pants!!

    • fo real

      your life is already stupid mane to be judging on other niggas

      • ILL XilL

        what’s “mane” ?

  • Trill Clinton

    The fuck? This is news?

  • 1017

    mane where is ur gun ?

  • LuiKang

    look like they were playing… and even if they were serious, GUCCI woulda got his ass dragged… his belly woulda held him down. smh

  • that dude

    All Ninja’s do nowadays is pull out their cameras like a bunch of snitches.. I swear I catch anybody filming anything i’m doing I’m running down on them, snatching and smashing they phones. This is getting ridiculous. F*&king f&*gots!!

    • Poosi Eater

      shut up stupid.

    • i hate internet thugs

      shut up duck, u were probably holding the camera

  • Morgan JustCoolin Wells

    that belly tho

  • ant662

    now we know wack ass fuck lame is a fucking liar he said gucci roles with more security than the president yet here he is at the mall him and a homie.