The  Mob did not have it easy growing up in Harlem and according to A$AP Ferg the conditions were similar to those of World War II. Detailing his upbringing in the borough, the young emcee told of the challenges faced while coming up in the city telling that he's more than lucky to have survived.

“It’s my whole story of Harlem that went into this song,”said Ferg in a segment with Jay Z's Life + Times when asked about his "Decoded" record . “You know, just me growing up, seeing everything. And retaliation from beefs and how things turn out. Where people wind up. I really survived World War II living in Harlem. To go to a cookout means that you had to prepare yourself to hear gunshots. You might be just going there to get fly and get girls and enjoy yourself, but you had to expect some type of triumph within these realms. I’m basically telling everybody what it’s like being a young kid growing up in these conditions. And how you can kinda channel your energy and just put it into something positive.”

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