On this week’s episode of Marrying The Game, Tiffney is treated like a queen as Game spoils her to a trip in Cabo for her birthday. Considering their relationship was nearly down for the count, their trip was long overdue.

Getting along for the first time in awhile, Game and Tiff enjoy their vacation on the beach, where they reminisce about the days before kids, before the fame and, more importantly, before all the drama. The couple acknowledges that while they love their kids and one another, they haven’t done their best in the romance department. “Since I gave Jay the ring back, surprisingly we’ve been on a high. We’ve really been rediscovering who we are,” Tiff says.

Back at the hotel suite, Game takes it back to the basics, surprising Tiff with a rose-petal bubble bath, decked out with candles, chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne. Then the rapper turns up the heat by hopping in the Jacuzzi in his birthday suit. “Leave it to Jay to take our romantic moment and turn it into an X-rated night,” Tiff says. “But you know what...right now I’m not so mad at that.” Tiff gives Jayceon kudos for all of his effort to get their relationship back to where it used to be.

The next day during lunch, Tiff points out that since giving Game back her engagement ring, that she’s noticed a change in him for the better. Game admits that while he was a little tripped up about it at first, it made him realize that he and Tiff had to focus more on their foundation. But when Game asks Tiffney if she’s willing to make a leap of faith and finally jump the broom, Tiff isn’t so sure. “There’s no doubt that I love Jayceon, but although Jayceon may be be ready to get married, is The Game ready?... That’s the question,” Tiff says during her confessional. Later on, Game continues pulling tricks out of his bag of romance and takes Tiff to go swimming with dolphins, which she says was on her bucket list of things to do. Game, however, opts to keep dry and let Tiff play with the dolphins solo. “Dolphins be raping motherfuckers,” he jokes. Nonetheless, Tiffney has the time of her life.

Afterwards, the couple gets cleaned up for a romantic dinner, where Game takes the liberty of ordering for the both of them prior to arriving. At the dinner table, Game and Tiff exchange reasons why they love each other, with Tiff pointing out that Jayceon is a great father to their children. Unfortunately, Jayceon kills the vibe when he calls himself Mr. Perfect, in which Tiff points out he’s far from perfect and that there are still some things that he needs to change. “Here I am thinking we making progress, but here she goes again,” Game says. Tiff tells him that she fell in love with Jayceon, but that what she got in return was The Game. Jay gets a bit irritated, and before dinner is served, the two are in the middle of a heated debate. In a matter of seconds, Tiff and Game are right back at war. “There’s still a big disconnect between the two of us,” Tiff says. “Yea, we love each other, but is love the glue that’s going to hold both of us together? I don’t know.”

The next day, Tiff takes a walk along the shore to clear her mind and figure out why she and Game can never seem to stay in a happy place. “I know that our children will forever keep us tied, but it’s clear that there are cracks in our foundation.” Back at the hotel, Game stands out on the balcony to also clear his mind. “I’ve been wanting to marry Tiffney since the day I met her,” he says. However, Game admits that he doesn’t know how to fix their troubles, but with Tiff’s engagement ring in tow he knows he has to make a decision as to whether he’ll propose to her again or not. Stay tuned to see if Game will ever pop the question.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)