Last week on Marrying The Game, Jayceon and Tiffney finally put aside their pride to give their relationship a second shot at love. Tiffney stepped out of her comfort zone to be more a part of Game’s lifestyle by working out with him and visiting him in the studio, while Game wooed Tiff with a hot date and bouquet of flowers.

This week the love train continued to take off. After spending the night at Tiff’s condo, Game awakes to morning breakfast prepared by Tiff and the kids, which caught the West Coast rapper off guard. “For the first time in a year I woke up and smelled food. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not,” he says. During breakfast, Justice asks Jayceon when they’re going to get a bigger house—though it seemed as if Tiff put him up to it. Tiff tells Game she thinks it’s time that they get a new home of their own. Game, however, seemed to be backed against a wall. “I stayed over one night, and Tiff already talking about buying a new crib. Pump your breaks, shawty,” he jokes. “I really don’t know if I’m ready for the white picket fences and everything, but buying a house for my family could be the right thing to do.” Game gives Tiff just one demand for their new home: He must have a man cave.

Later on, Game takes the kids to a sneaker spot to help pick out gifts for Tiff’s birthday, where Cali and Justice pick out some bedazzled red Uggz and purple Chuck Taylor’s. While operation get Tiff some new kicks was a success, Game hints that he’s working on getting Tiff a gift that she’ll never forget.

Meanwhile, Tiff and Game go house hunting in Calabasas, CA. The couple manages to find one property that they both like, which included plenty of closet space and, as requested, Game’s man cave. But when Game jokes that he plans on installing a stripper pole in the room for him and his homies, Tiff starts seeing red. “The homies aren’t coming over,” she declares. ”I’m trying to build a home for our family and you’re talking about a stripper pole? Are we on the same page here?” she says during her confessional. After they’re done looking at the property, Tiff and Game sit down to discuss where they stand on buying a home. Tiff tells Game that if they’re going to get a home together that it’ll be just for the family and that friends aren’t allowed over, which frustrates Game. “I don’t get it, man. I do everything that she asks for, but she still having doubts. It seems like nothing is ever good for this woman.” Tiff says that while she sees Jay’s effort, she still struggles between Game the man and Game the rapper. “Every time I take two steps forward with Jay, here comes The Game.”

Still, Game made up for everything at Tiff’s birthday party, which was held at Mixology cafe and lounge. After presenting Tiff’s gifts from Cali and Justice, Game gives her his gift to her, which was a two-piece bikini, and proceeds to tell her that he’s taking her on a romantic trip to Cabo, Mexico. After the gift presentation,Tiff’s best friend Crystal decides to go over to Game and give him the third degree. “You don’t take nobody to Cabo unless you’re up to something…. Are you about to give her the ring back?” she asks. “I got something under my Versace sleeve,” Game replies. Though Game didn’t explicitly confirm or deny that he would propose to Tiff for a second time, the writing was most certainly on the wall. “Who knows what’s going to go down in Cabo,” he says. “Ain’t nobody gonna come back disappointed.” After fighting like cats and dogs, it looks like Game and Tiff are finally on their way to a happy ending. Stay tuned.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)