Almost three years ago, former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep walked into a New York City police precinct and confessed to an unsolved crime he committed in 1993. In May, 2012, Dep, born, Trevell Coleman, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing John Henkel during a botched robbery. Has over a year in prison changed Dep’s outlook on the situation? Nightline recently conducted a jailhouse interview with Coleman, and even after sitting in a jail cell for the last year and change, he said if he could go back in time he would still confess to his crime. “I would do it again, because I don’t think there was no other way around it accept me dying,” said Coleman. "That was the only way I could have been absolved, personal sacrifice."

Nightline also interviewed Coleman’s ex-wife Crystal Sutton who said by letting that 17-year-old burden off his chest she feels Dep changed for the better. “It’s a different Trevell to me, not on drugs. He feels free-er and that you can get from talking to him.”

Check out the entire interview, below.