Although Ab-Soul is still working things out when it comes to a debut release, the rapper is certain that all the waiting will for sure be worth it. Detailing his work ethic in "On The Road," the video series presented by the Budweiser Made In America Festival, Ab tells that he's currently crafting up something and it may be looking like a diamond.

"Right now I am crafting something," says Ab-Soul in the clip. "I just don't know how I want to present it to the people just yet, but, pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds."

"I enjoy life, man," later explains the TDE MC. "I enjoy every minute of this. Even before this, even before y'all came through, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the pursuit, the good times, the bad times, you know what I mean. You know honestly, the best stories are the people who overcome the most conflicts. So I mean, in a crazy kind of way, you kind of want to roll with the punches a bit."

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