Brooklyn brain eaters, Flatbush Zombies return with the new project, Better Off DEAD. The horrorcore trio of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliott teased this project a few months ago with a macabre trailer. Today, we get the entire 19-track project which includes the previously released cuts, "Palm Trees" and "MRAZ". The morbid selection features assistance from Action Bronson and Danny Brown. Stream and download, below.

01. Amerikkkan Pie
02. Nephilim
03. Bliss
04. Minephuck
05. G Tearz
06. Death
07. Death 2
08. Regular & Complex (GNB)
09. Thugnificense
10. Club Soda (feat. Action Bronson)
11. LiveFromHell
12. Palm Trees
13. 222
14. Drug Parade (feat. Danny Brown)
15. TP4
16. GOD Blessed The DEAD
17. MRAZ
18. My Team, SUPREME
19. The Results Are In