Eminem To Package ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′ Special Edition With ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’


Eminem is taking his partnership with Call Of Duty further, planning a special edition of his album for those who buy the game. The two releases—both slated to come out November 5—have been linked together since Em debuted his new song “Survival” in a trailer for the game last month. That song will be included on the special edition of the Marshall Mathers LP 2, and anyone who purchases CoD at GameStop on the day of its release will receive a download code for Em’s full album.

Call Of Duty is the ultimate adrenaline rush,” said Activision Publishing—which owns the Call Of Duty franchise—CMO Tim Ellis in a statement. “It’s the intensity and heart-pounding excitement you feel as the action unfolds. And Eminem embodies this same spirit and captures this in his music.”

Big money, high-profile branded partnerships are becoming a bit of a norm in hip-hop, with Em following in the lucrative footsteps of Jay Z, whose Magna Carta…Holy Grail partnership with Samsung netted him $5 million out of the gate. The special edition of the album will include “Survival”—which will be getting a music video later this month—as well as another additional studio track.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles

    This album is going to be horrendous, then everyone will say it HAS to be dope because it sold a million or something. I guess those same people listen to One Direction, Katy Perry & Justin Bieber..sales mean good music right? Leave the MMLP alone, it was classic…

    • Røme Maine

      should have a little more faith. eminem hasnt put anything out that didnt at least have some real gems on it. i think no matter what there will be some real classics on the album

      • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles

        I was a fan of Eminem before the Slim Shady LP even dropped, it was a classic album with a wide array of content, same as the Marshall Mathers LP.. everything since then has been garbage. So yea, my faith went away with crap like “The Eminem Show” , “Encore” , “Relapse” , “Re-Fill” & “Recovery”. The single sounds corny as hell, he’s doing a weird,scratchy, whining scream…and the beat is horrendous.

        Like I said, it’s Eminem…it could an entire CD with silence and people would say it’s dope.

        • Hater101

          I was a fan before he was even

          • negnog34

            I was a fan before he even was

      • FuckTheWorld

        This is whats wrong… People throwing the word “classic” around like its just another word.. Eminem hasn’t had a classic song or album SINCE MMLP… Eminem Show was decent and had some great records but none that were as good as ANYTHING on MMLP..

        • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles

          Agreed man, it seems as though this day & age an album hits the inter webs 3 hours later it’s deemed a classic… classics stand the test of time in my eyes. You have great ALBUMS that all the songs seem to blend into one another, then you have good albums with just a collection of random songs that don’t seem to fit.

          Hey, maybe I will be wrong.. if he works with some of the same producers on the album instead of 40 different ones, and doesn’t put any of his average beats on it… could be good..

        • smokebomb

          The song Business from TES is better than the majority of the MMLP.

    • CGR


      • AlexanderTheGreatest

        2 Chainz>eminem

        • Jay Stillman

          HA HA A HA HA HA Right Tity boi is better than shady

    • Facts

      Are you fucking kidding me, the songs are dope as fuck. Survival, Berzerk, Rap god is all i know but those are like the best songs out. And there is only 1/100 eminem songs that suck, obviously meaning hardly of his songs suck and the album most likely won’t too.

  • Jarrad Hurley

    Gotta love all the whinging I am reading on here. Eminems now a ‘sell out’ and all this kind of woft. Because no one on here likes money and they would rather be rapping with friends in a basement then selling platinum records like Eminem does, and will continue to do.. while your best efforts don’t even nearly reach the credibility of Eminem’s worst songs.

    Basically, no matter what Eminem does right now people will complain. Partner with Call of Duty? people complain… Dont partner with anyone? people will say Eminem hasn’t found a way to connect to new fans and stay relevent…

    Release MMLP2, people complain that he seems to be making a contrived effort to relive his youth… Release Recovery, people complain that he is strayed too far from what got him here in the first place.

    Basically, this is the old thing… it happened to Michael Jackson, and it is happening now to Eminem.. had 2 pac lived a bit longer, it would have happened to him too… where everyone, fans, the media.. builds them up… and then at some point they revel in the fall from grace. Michael Jackson could never release anything that eclipsed Thriller (although he released many classics)… Eminem could never eclipse the original MMLP… and 2 pac, had he lived to now (43 years of age).. I HIGHLY DOUBT would have continued to make good records well into his late 30′s and 40′s.

    Rappers have an originality use by date I believe.. and I think GENERALLY it lasts 3-4 albums before they can only rehash what they have already said and they can no longer surprise you. It has happened with Eminem.. and for the 2pac dickriders.. it would have happened to him too!

    So basically, what do you really want of Eminem? You want him to retire just so your own jealousy issues are rewarded and so you can tell everyone “I told you so?”… Or do you want him to continue so every step of the way you can badger on about how far eminem has apparently fallen?

    Bezerk is no classic track… But it is no better or worse then Just lose it, Real Slim SHady, Hi my name is.. or any of the less then serious songs he usually leads with.

    Eminem is in a no win situation when it comes to public opinion, but if he wants to keep doing it… FINE BY ME… and if theres only a couple of good new tracks on the next album, its a couple of tracks that I didnt have before.

  • smokebomb

    I hope MMLP2 is better than the original. MMLP came off as a collection of B sides from SSLP sessions with the singles mixed in.

  • Jahnelle

    I think this new album is destined to be mediocre, but I do feel bad for Eminem. If you look at a catalog of any decent rapper, just putting Nas out there as one, you’ll see his songs constantly have had more meaning, his lyrics sharper, and delivery smoother than Eminems, yet the average fan will argue till their death against it without citing any proof for Eminems crown. Eminem was close to being with the Insane Clown Possee, nothing against them either, but he was a novelty act talking about chasing teachers with staplers and making songs about bums, and a lot of impressionable teens who now would kill you for saying anything about Bieber have grown up. Now it sounds disappointing, but Its pretty much been consistently the same, his fans have just grown up and realized he was pushed to this level of mastery that he can never live up to and never was. They’ve gone outside the box of MTV and Magazines with agendas and found actually extraordinary talent like El-P, if you want to give a white rapper the crown I’d feel much better with it being on him. Adults have busy lives and kids always run the music industry and charts, you may think different but Miley Cyrus just dropped a new song and its a few hits from a billion views.