In a interview with New York Times, Earl Sweatshirt did an hilarious Q & A where he talks about Samoa, experiencing senioritis in his last year in High School, Canadians and Drake. Earl released his sophomore album, Doris, on August 20 and featured standout records such as "Chum" and "Hive."

Speaking about his recent trip to Toronto, Earl says "It was crazy. Canadians are weirdos, though. They are so nice — overbearing nice, like grandmother nice. Toronto is like a city of grandmas." Drake the became a topic of discussion. Earl states "Dude, Drake is grandma nice. He was at Frank Ocean’s show in L.A. and got into an argument with Tyler, the Creator’s mom. I left and came back in the room, and she was apologizing to him for how she came at him, and he was saying: “It’s all love. I love you, Mom. I love moms.” Drake loves moms."

[via NYT]