Gucci Mane has been having a strange week and it only continues to get stranger after he insulted half the rap industry via Twitter, was reportedly dropped from his record label and was seen squaring up with a man in Atlanta's Lennox Mall, yesterday. But Big Guwop still has friends. Tennessee hit maker Drumma Boy, who has a well-documented past producing Gucci Mane cuts such as "Beat It Up" and "Making Love To The Money" and most recently the Kevin McCall aided "Cold Hearted," chopped it up with Complex about Gucci's latest antics, what it's like working with the rapper and whether or not he thinks Guwop has real psychological problems.

It must’ve been really crazy for you when Gucci went off on Twitter. Did you get hit up about it?
I just saw the tweets. I was in Aruba, so I didn’t have Internet the whole weekend. I just got back so when I get to my crib, all my boys ask me if I saw what happened with my boy. I said, "Huh?" That was the first thing everyone said, "You seen your boy?" You never know with Gucci. I get to reading that shit and I said, "Shit, if that’s how he feels." You know what time it is because of what he was saying.

A lot of the people he talked about have relationships with you, do you think you’ll talk to him about it the next time you meet up with him?
I mean, I just focus on my work. I don’t fuck with the gossip. I read, I laugh, I joke about it, but as far as my mission I deliver exactly what he asks me for. "I need two songs with Chris Brown," ok cool, I will make it happen. I just focus on the work.

Having problems with people don’t get me paid. So, that ain’t me. I support those that support me. Gucci, Rocko, Nicki, Rick Ross, Drake, Tyga, whoever you want to put in the list, I’m working with them and they are all down with me. I just make good music.

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