A Louisiana elementary school came under fire earlier this week when some parents of students became outraged after learning their fourth graders were being taught about Do or Die and Twista's Chicago classic, "Po Pimp." The objective of the assignment, which was sanctioned by the school district, was to attempt to help children read "real world text." One of the examples used was Chicago MC Twista and mentions that he featured on the track, "Po Pimp." This caused alarm for some parents. "[My son] wants to understand all these things. He wants to know what is a pimp and what is a mobster," said one concerned mother.

Now, members of Do or Die have released statements responding to the situation. “I am honored and excited that our song is included in the school’s curriculum, music is engaging and should be used as a learning tool,” said AK. “After all, these kids know all the words to these songs maybe now they can find some pleasure in doing their school work.”

Do or Die member, Belo also commented to the outcry saying that the word does not always have negative connotation. “The word pimp has many meanings at this point,” added Belo. “Like many negative words before it, rap music has flipped the meaning. Nowadays you can “pimp” a job you can even “pimp” your ride.” Along with the third member of the group, Nard, the rapper’s have reportedly offered to travel to Louisiana and speak with any concerned parties at the school.