Back in January, Common announced that he'd be releasing an EP, a mixtape and an album in 2013. Though it looks like those plans might not come to fruition, the Chicago rapper and actor recently told Hip-Hop DX that he will be releasing an EP of new material later this year, with a full-length on the horizon for the beginning of 2014. He also revealed that one of the tracks on his EP will find him joining forces with Vince Staples, the emerging 20-year-old California rapper.

In addition to featuring Staples on a track, Common apparently drew inspiration from the younger artist. “I got my man Vince Staples on a song,” Common says in the interview. “I like him. He’s cold on the mic. When I heard him rapping, I was like, ‘This dude can really rhyme.’ It made me want to write.”

Staples was recently featured on three tracks off Earl Sweatshirt's debut full-length, Doris, and he released his Stolen Youth project back in June.

[via Hip-Hop DX]