Power 105’s Charlamagne Tha God held an AMA earlier today and had a lot to cover. We pulled some of the best questions from the session, where he talks about Eminem, The Breakfast Club in five years, and the recent buzz surrounding Mister Cee.

What are your predictions on Eminem's newest album?
Eminem will be fine. He has a cult like following and he always lives his truths when he raps so his audience has grown with him. He will sell records, he will have hot bars. Hate that Berzerk single tho.

When MGK was at the breakfast club for the interview he asked you to listen to his album and then judge it. Did you ever listen to it? And if so what did you think? Who are the top three celebrity women, in a relationship or not, that you would want to shoot their club up? Trap Lord or Trap God?
I listened I liked one record I think it was called "Stereo" that record had a lot of crossover potential.
Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, and recently added Janelle Monae.
Trap God!

We hear and read a lot about Gucci, and I've seen you talk about him a few times, but is he really as scary as (almost) everyone claims? Who do you think is the best in the game right now? (I know this is a hard one) What direction do you see hip-hop and the rap game taking over the next few years, do you have any inside information on any projects we should be excited about? Finally, who do you think is currently great but really under the radar, and that we should be paying more attention to?
Gucci is scary because he's killed someone before I don't know about you but murderers scare me.
Best in the game? OG's Jay Z, New Jacks Drake and Kendrick.
Hip Hop needs to be broader. We've put ourselves in a box and I think that's wack.
I will always say Killa Mike is the illest under the radar....

What is your opinion of riff raff aka Jody High Roller? What’s your opinion of Childish Gambino? Top rappers/celebrities that you still want to interview that you haven’t gotten a chance yet. Have you ever regretted saying something on air? Are we EVER going to get a Yelawolf or Drake interview? Do you think their scared of confronting you?
Riff Raff sucks as a rapper, but he's great at marketing himself.
Not really up on Childish Gambino but I enjoyed him as an actor on "Girls."
I really enjoy interviewing the O.G.'s people I grew up listening to and who have provided the soundtrack to my life so Outkast would be great. Wu Tang as a whole.
Nope. Have never regretted nothing. Contrary to popular belief i'm very calculated with my words.
Yelawolf or Drake? Hey you never know their both welcome to come.

Where do you see The Breakfast Club in 5 years? One thing you love and one thing you hate about Yee and Envy?
Well we are already Nationally syndicated so in 5 years we will be on alot more markets and I know we will be the morning show that really matters. We just want to be amongst the great morning shows that have ever done it. I hate Yee and Envy. Don't love anything about them.

First off, thanks for doing this AMA. It’s been a busy year for Hip-hop so hopefully we can get some good talk off of this. I’d like to get your opinion about Kanye West & Miley Cyrus getting together for the remix of New Slaves. Edit: My bad. Meant Black Skinhead Remix.
First of all I hate the song "New Slaves" because their is no such thing as a "New Slave" Slaves in the 1800's didn't get the opportunity to make millions of dollars off their talent. In fact slaves didn't have a choice of wanted they wanted to do they were forced to work in those fields. If you don't like being a part of corporate america and you feel like you are a quote on quote "Slave" QUIT. Find something else to do.

What do you think about the Mister Cee announcement?
What announcement? I think it's interesting and opens up another conversation about what is homosexuality? Are you gay if you get head from men repeatedly? Because he doesn't identify as gay. It's interesting.

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