Update (Nov. 10 10:40 am): Chance the Rapper and Erykah Badu were both featured on the latest episode of Adult Swim's Black Dynamite. In the episode, Chance plays Bob Marley and Badu plays Rita Marley. Watch above.

also Chance was awarded Chicago's Outstanding Youth of the Year Award.


Update (Nov. 7 11:45 am): Tomorrow's (Nov. 8) episode of Adult Swim's Black Dynamite will feature Chance The Rapper doing the voice over for Bob Marley. Catch the episode tomorrow at 9:30 PM CST/10:30 PM EST.


Chance The rapper is a rising star in rap music, and the Chicago MC might have a future moonlighting as a voice artist. The guttural-voiced rapper recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he will appear in the new season of the Adult Swim animated series, Black Dynamite. "I did a voice-over for Black Dynamite. I played Bob Marley in an episode. I had to go in the studio yesterday at Soundscape and record from the script and do the reading," said Chance.

The Acid Rap rapper added that he naively underestimated the project, but said his untrained approach should add to the hilarity. "I planned on doing this research, and I did not. I came unprepared," he added. "It's going to be funny watching this episode because I'm going to be able to remember every line I did, each take, and I'm gonna just laugh at each one they pick. [Sings] "'Cause every little thing . . . gonna be all right." I can't wait until the voiceover people that are professionals hear this and laugh at me, like, "Oh, this guy's such an amateur!"

Check out the entire interview at RollingStone.