Seems as though Cassidy's rap about the circumstances surrounding the passing of Lil Snupe is not sitting too well with Meek Mill. Mentioning the death of MMG rapper's once protege in “Catch A Body", a diss record geared towards Mill, Meek feels as though Cassidy crossed the line with the insensitive jab telling that if the two were face to face, a different tune would be sang.

In “Catch A Body" Cassidy raps, “I ain't broke chill, man I'm still worth a few mill/You remind me of Sisqo from Dru Hill/Fuck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed/And you only ride out on two wheels.”

Unappreciative of the line, Meek addressed the situation in an interview with Jay Z’s Life + Times stating, “I be going back and forth with Cassidy. I just do it cause I like that shit. I don’t earn nothing from coming at no Cassidy. I’m just having fun. Continuing, "I don’t gotta drop a diss rap to keep you popping. No, let’s let you die down. You know what I mean? Matter of fact, wake up, ‘I feel like coming at him today’…Yeah, that’s some bitch ass shit,” said Meek when questioned about the Lil Snupe reference.” “You a bitch ass nigga. Don’t be talking about nobody that’s dead cause when you see me you ain’t gonna talk like that. So, why talk like that on a track? That’s disrespectful. Say if I see you one of my homies disrespect you. I ain’t gonna be able to hold nobody back. I ain’t holding nobody back. You sitting here talking about a dead man. I ain’t got nothing to do with it".

In the interview Meek also ponders why the other artists called out by Kendrick Lamar in Big Sean's "Control" are taking so long to reply.“Where I come from, somebody say ya name in a rap you get back at ‘em", said Meek. "Like you don’t wait til ya album come out. You don’t try to do no chess moves bullshit, no. If you rap, you get back at ‘em. And I don’t know what’s taking other niggas so long to get back at ‘em. These niggas be soft though. Nas say ‘Jay Z.’ Jay Z come at Nas. Kiss say ‘Beans.’ Beans come at him. Niggas go to the radio station and rap. I don’t know about all this new shit that’s going on.”

Watch the video above.