Bust A Cap: Meek Mill Shows Bow Wow His Bike Skills (Winner Announced)


Can you come up with a funny quote? Place your caption in the “Comments” section below. The best caption will be announced today at 4 pm. Happy captioning!

Winner:“Kendrick will use this n turn it to a diss! Ha” by Dario via Facebook.

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  • Rome Santana


  • Bow Wow

    “According to prison rules, I became Meeks’ bitch after he beat up my previous husband. We share a home, ride bikes together and make some excellent toilet wine.”

  • hood

    Bow ” ay dont tell jermaine i dont got my helmet on “

  • Me

    Frank Ocean You Next

  • Pri$e

    There’s Levels to riding bitch…

  • Sluggz

    BOW-WOW: “Wheeeeeeeee!!!”

  • Long Schlong

    we’re on our way to meet up with mr. cee

  • Marlo Green

    bow wow “but i am late for 106 and park mills”! we can watch drake shower lata!

  • young jopey

    Millz :Hey Girl, need a ride?

    Bow wow : yeah tall, dark , and handsome ;P

    Millz : ok shorty ,hold on tight to my lower waist………. lower……lower

    ok, now we in “batty boy ” business ;)

  • swaggy mcSauce

    yeah n*gga dis dat stick shift bike…we gon ride tonight boyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • LO

    They didnt even go anywhere. They were just sitting there like that for an hour….

  • andre todd

    “He say he wanna feel when i wheelie on a bike”

  • Dennis Kelly

    “Dam Meek, Now that you showed me how to ride bikes, can you teach me to rap to”

  • Dion Augustin

    chu ready..alriiiight leeeets ride .