With many applauding Big Sean for sticking to his original verse in "Control", 50 Cent now goes against the grain attesting that if it were him and if it was his song, he would have made several improvements. Further explaining that Kendrick's controversial verse, in which he called out all of hip-hop's newest superstars, allowed both Big Sean and Jay Electronica to be out-shined and ultimately forgotten about on the song.

Speaking with Hot 97's Funk Flex about the matter, opposite the DJ, 50 was adamant that in that situation he would have adjusted his verse after hearing Kendrick's especially if it were a record of his own.“I would have did it. I would have changed it,” said 50 Cent. “It’s his record. It’s Big Sean’s record and nobody knows. Nobody’s talking about it. Everybody talking about Kendrick. All I think Flex is when the people that should really be upset should be Big Sean and Jay Electronica. Cause he’s saying what his intentions are and they done forgot your verses was on the joint. You know what I mean? Like he did it. He got it. That was the real hit.”

Later revealing that Kendrick's label head, Top Dawg made a call to 50 prior to the hoopla he added,  “Before I could get a chance to really listen to it I got the call. I got the call first and I spoke to Top. Me and him got a real good relationship. The guy who runs that whole company. When you listen to what he’s saying on the record, he’s saying—it’s a breath of fresh air for me because it’s saying there’s no more ‘kumbaya my Lord.’ Everybody’s not sitting by the campfire being friends,” the rapper explained. “The competitive energy, that’s necessary for Hip Hop. That’s what it is. I think our culture—our culture’s competitive.”