Azealia Banks Lashes Out At Lady Gaga For Hijacking Her “SeaPunk” Style Of Rap


In continuation of the MTV VMA mermaid outfit dispute, Azealia Banks is now claiming that Lady Gaga plans to steal more than just her looks. Alleging that the pop star plans to heavily imitate her “SeaPunk” style of music on her upcoming ARTPOP album, as usual the underground rapstress is not taking the situation lightly.

Speaking out in an array of tweets, Azealia claims that her creation is about to go mainstream but not to the likes of its creator. Being that Azealia has thus far failed to catch the ears of the mainstream, she now insists that Gaga is prepping to steal her act and she’s not happy about it.

On another note, Banks is also upset with the fact that she has been dropped from Gaga’s “Ratchet” single which is slated to appear on the singer’s November expected LP.

Check out Azealia’s tweets below:

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  • YaYo

    This chick is just blowing through Jimmy Iovine’s money with no hits or album in site. On a side note, I’ve never seen a black girl with a flatter ass than Ms. Banks.

    • Pretty Bank$

      So, Azealia has a flat ass and is also the best female rapper, writer and singer out. Where exactly are your priorities?

  • Pretty Bank$

    Everything Azealia said here I agree with. She is so beyond talented, so philosophical, so honest. I don’t know why Nicki or Iggy even exist, Azealia is light years beyond them on so many levels, talent wise she swaps them like flies. Why is she not more famous yet?

    • MoonStud

      Uh yes she is talented I love her music.. but she is fucking up her own career by getting into feuds with people(who are connected to big time producers, etc etc). If she KEEPS doing this she will get blacklisted… if she hasn’t already. I know your a fan which means you may be blind, but she is digging her OWN grave and she needs to stop immediately if she wants her talent and music to heard and known.

  • Pretty Bank$

    Just listen to 1991, Luxury or Van Vogue and ask why isn’t Azealia more famous by now.

  • Kelso Chino

    It angers me that she doesn’t get the acknowledgement she deserves . Interscope has no idea what to do with her because her album had an expected release date for February . Azealia Banks is really good at what she does & it leaves me wondering why people would like to listen to Nicki Minaj slurred raps & Iggy’s basic bad bitch ABC rhymes? Like get it together . Azealia Banks is honestly the best female rapper & even Eve said she prefer Azealia over Iggy .