AZ Shares The Stories Behind 15 Of His Best Verses

“We Movin’”

Album: Doe Or Die 2

AZ: The movement is still going on. I’m moving and those are moving with me. We movin’. I’m just speaking from a grown man perspective. Just speaking from where I am in life now. Eating healthy. Thinking healthy. Just moving in a healthy vibration. Still grounded though as well. You got those that do all that, but they are not grounded. I’m still grounded and it’s a blessing within itself that I’m able to still be grounded and think on a different level. But know where my roots is from. Knowing what I still represent.

I love that record because it fits me. Melodic. It’s able to let me use my verbal syllables. How I use them. You know what I mean? And get my point across as well. I think I achieved that in that record right there.

[The song] is getting a lot of love and its continuing to still get more love. I am glad it’s getting receptive like that. I’m just trying to put the finishing touches on this album and if like that then they’ll love the album. There’s a lot of that. Thought-provoking.

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  • Ian Piepenbrock

    How are they not even briefly mentioning Canibus’ verse on Desperados? Damn. AZ one of my favourites though.

  • rozenswag

    You had me thinking Life’s a Bitch wasn’t going to make the list. Got me clicking through all 15 though. Well played.


    we movin is that classic az

  • HP

    Before i check Life’s a Bitch or Affirmative Action are number one right?

  • Luke

    “Out of thirty men/ know twenty thats worthy men/ ten is friends/ the other ten’ll probably turn me in” >>>Thats what of my favorite most memorable lines from him. Life’s a bitch is his greatest verse for obvious reasons but seriously AZ has so many great great verses that I dont even know where to start. I just gives props to XXL for even doing this interview I enjoyed hearing all those classic joints again.

    • Luke