8 Facts You Might Not Know About Mister Cee

7. Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane Challenged Him To A Rap Battle In High School

While historians might know that Mister Cee was Brooklyn hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane’s DJ in the 1980s, a lesser-known fact is that they attended Sarah J. Hale High School together in Brooklyn.

In a story recalled in the April 2003 issue of XXLMister Cee met Big Daddy Kane when Kane challenged to him a rap battle in the high school halls after Mister Cee embarrassed a mutual friend of the pair by borrowing a few stolen lines during a rap battle in the high school cafeteria.

“Austin [Kane's friend] had pointed me out to Kane, who came running over to me, pulling a microphone out of his pocket while screaming, ‘I heard you want to battle me!,” Cee recalled. “I had to explain to him that I was a DJ, not a rapper, so he let it go.”

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