After the events of his three-day long Twitter rant two weeks ago, many people had wondered about the state of Gucci Mane's mental health in the wake of his perceived meltdown. Fans, journalists and his peers wondered what was wrong with Gucci and pondered if the man needed serious help in the wake of his profane rant.

On Sunday (September 22), the public got some answers as Gucci's previously deleted Twitter unexpectedly re-activated with Guwop offering an apology to those he insulted during his rant. Gucci blamed his problems on an addiction to prescription cough syrup and vowed that he would enter rehab to get help with his problem.

While XXL applauds Gucci for his desire to get his life clean, he is not the only hip-hop artist that has struggled with drugs and addiction for the years. Here is a list of 7 hip-hop artists that have admitted going to rehab over the years.