50 Cent’s 25 Best Recent Guest Appearances

“Down On Me” Jeremih Featuring 50 Cent
It’s easy to forget this was even a Jeremih song, with the way 50 Cent owned the track. Let’s not forget how Fif even performed the song with YouTube star Keenan Cahill during 50’s “dating Chelsea Handler” days.

  • bread

    that was a pretty bad list… around 10 songs were from 2000-2007…plus you missed quite a few bangers in the last 3 years and could have shared better info about the songs rather then dumb comments..expect better from XXL.. a 2 yr old could have made this list

    • fan

      thats true they missed alot of pretty good songs:/ but they did some really good ones too. you missed alot of songss xxl-.-