Keeping up with every new rap release can feel like a full-time job. With new albums and mixtapes dropping every week, one-off tracks popping up on the Internet every day and new artists climbing out of the digital woodwork every minute hoping to pop off, it can get a little overwhelming trying to pay attention to everything. Along with the increased volume of stuff getting pumped out, it has also become easier and easier to stay in a little insulated rap bubble of your own design, whether its a radio-dominated, hit-filled rap world or a smaller, eccentric island you've carved out for yourself on YouTube. Everyone has a niche. Even the niches have niches.

So don't worry if you missed out on some great songs this summer. We all missed out on some great stuff. It's not difficult to call something the song of the summer—by now everyone knows "Versace" and "Type Of Way" were big songs, and even your grandpa probably knows "Get Lucky" was a smash by now—but it's more fun to shed some light on things you might've missed: obscure mixtape tracks, singles that never really took off, remixes and deep album cuts.

Without further ado, XXL presents 30 Rap Songs You Might've Missed This Summer. Before fall kicks in, we sifted through three months worth of music and hand-picked the ones that we couldn't stop listening to. Rapsody impressed us with She Got Game and "Coconut Oil" is fire. Likewise, artists like Rich Hil and newcomer ZMoney are getting looks for their music that would otherwise go unnoticed. Read through our list and let us know what some of your favorites were this summer in the comments. Until next time. --Compiled By Dan Jackson, Eric Diep, Dan Buyanovsky, Dan Rys, B.J. Steiner, Miranda Johnson & Emmanuel C.M.

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