25 Of The Best Closing Lines In Rap

“Lose your soul in, whichever palm I’m holdin’ / One’ll leave you frozen, the other, noddin’ and dozin’ / I’m grindin’ Jack” – Pusha T, “Grindin” (Clipse f. Pharrell Williams)

Pusha T spent the whole track saluting the almighty kilos. He seals it by double barreling like a true stick up kid.

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  • Micro Scopy

    Thank you XXL for not mentioning any of Drake’s soft ass lines. Thank you.

    • Andre McKinley

      Lmfao yo

  • Tia

    No Tupac……wack

  • Gizmo

    Macklemore’s final line in Jimmy Iovine!

  • Janu Gharib

    what about Makavelli the don KiLLimiNaTI yu morron..

  • navers

    Come on XXL, you cannot forget an unforgettable classic from Nas in Last Real Nigga Alive while his beef with Jay-Z was ongoing.
    “I was Scarface, Jay was Manolo. It hurt me when I had to kill him, and his whole squad for dolo.

  • FOH

    If only the writers at XXL knew that Nas wrote the last half of that Foxxy Brown verse. It even says so in the album credits. And to think you guys are Hip Hop. Do your homework you fake hip hop nerds.

  • Emillz

    Before I leave make sure everybody heard!/ Know I meant every mothafuckin’ word when we ride on our enemies! – Tupac

    How is Tupac not on here!?