Danny Brown lives an uncensored life. If you need further evidence, then check for his lyrics. Throughout his mixtapes and albums, the Detroit rapper has explicitly told listeners his encounters with women. Some of them are bearable, while others are almost too nasty to repeat. But, that’s the nature of Danny. He’s more outspoken than most rappers and its helped make him an underground phenomenon. With his Fool’s Gold album Old around the corner, XXL decided to explore 20 of his strangest sex lyrics. Brace yourself. Things are about to get weird.—Compiled by Eric Diep & Dan Jackson



“Now where the next bitch, they all want to text this/And hope I'm sexing this/The right message, because I'm on some next shit”



"Pull my dick out and she just start lickin' like,That was her secret ambition/Put my dick on her nose now she look like Pippen"



“Now we pack swishers,Drink straight liquor/Make ya bitch go down low and lick your sister”



"All on her jaw, some on her nose, Drip on shoes, some on her clothes/She’s a nasty dirty,ho,Even let me put it in her booty hole”



“Dick bigger than them words Keith Murray use/Once got busy in a Burger King bathroom”



“Walk around this bitch, like I got four nuts/So when I wet them bitches, swing like Noon Chucks”

“Greatest Rapper Ever”


“Sorry yo, my tongue long, she squirted off the sheets/She gave me that Becky, I gave her that Yoshi”

“1 Train”


“Bitch pussy smell like a penguin/Wouldn't hit that shit with my worst enemy's penis”

“Need Another Drink”


“If a bitch want to fuck me, Then let her do her thing/Just step the fuck back and let her give me brains”



“Fuckin' two Asian bitches till they couldn't cum/And when them hoes squirt it's like Hong Kong Wonton”

“The Nana Song”


“So keep sleeping on me I'mma wake up with your bitch/Rolling over asking her, “Know how to make grits?”


"I Will"


"If it's smelling sweet, I'll lick it for a hourAnd even it's sour might lick it in the shower/I go dumb and ignorant when I'm on that clitoris/Lick your ass delirious, my tongue game so damn serious"

"I Will"

20. Danny Brown

"Slobbing on that pussy after that I don't cuddle/I put that dick up on her make her sleep in the puddle"

"Detroit 187"


"Ohh baby I like it raw/And My dick so big left stretch marks on her jaw"



"Fuck her face like I was obligated/And still fucking with them freak hoes/Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos"



Definition: Shoes

"Outer Space"

Danny Brown - Afro Punk Featured Image

"Caught your baby momma horny then I stuck a carrot in her/Then you made a salad with her, ate shit for dinner"

"Adderal Admiral"

Danny Brown

"She running from my dick like it's a bull" and she the matador/She a pregnant labrador/Said my metaphors are the highest caliber"



"Verbal herbal poison, words I contortion/Fucked a pregnant bitch, she saved money on her abortion"