Despite Gucci throwing an f bomb at him in his epic twitter rant, 2 Chainz still has the BSM rapper's back. Explaining that he can see exactly where Gucci was coming from regarding the "fake-ness" of the industry, 2 Chainz says that he too has wanted to say "F" a couple rappers quite a few times.

“I don’t expect nothing less from him," 2 Chainz replied when asked about Gucci's rant by the Power 105 Breakfast Club. "That’s my dawg."

Continuing joking, "It wasn't just me, it was like 10 names. He ran out of characters." He then further explained, "I've been wanting to say fuck a lot of people before, that's why it's really not that far away from my mind. But I didn't want to type they name or look up they Twitter."

Ending agreeing that the industry will push you to the point of breaking, it seems as though 2 Chainz has been down the same road before and completely understands Gucci lashing out.