2 Chainz Is Pissed At The Amount Of Copies His Album Shipped

While chatting with Angie Martinez during Hot 97′s In-Studio series, 2 Chainz revealed that their may be trouble in paradise. Upset at the  low number of albums shipped out by his label, the rapper told that he’s afraid fans will not be able to find his album.

“I’m already pissed”, said Chainz when asked by Angie if he’s anticipating bad sales. Although the rapper did not reveal exactly how many were shipped, he tells that him and Def Jam got mixed up when it came to the amount that would be made available to the public.

In the interview, the two also reflected on 2 Chainz’ recent tour bus arrest. Stating that he immediately regretted the decisions of that day, 2 Chainz explained that he had been incorrectly instructed of what to do if that situation ever presented itself, later resulting in a gun charge . Along with unveiling that tad bit of information, the Titi Boi also spoke of a Netflix porn fantasy  telling that the Fergie featured track actually derives from a true fantasy.

Watch the full interview above.

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  • Peso

    Reminds me of what 2Pac told Biggy in Notorious about how it’s all good during the come-up and reaching the top of the game then Politics start coming out of nowhere. 2 Chainz is at the top of his game, #1 GOLD selling studio debut plus Feds Watchin’ is a dope Pharrell assisted song and your label doesn’t ship out enough copy’s of your second studio album under Def Jam. Guess these aint the days of Russell, Lyor, Rick Ruben and them… see why so many rappers are like F majors and just do their independant thing.

  • biz

    his record sales are low because hes garbage. someone explain that to him

  • Daffy

    He sold 140k his first album maybe it is the shipping the album goin sell a good 75k no matter cuz tyga had shipping problems ang he sold 67k and 2 chains way bigger then tyga

  • Ben Carter

    this record is absolute fire I’ve already played it through 3 times in a row. Can’t get enough

  • Rambo Deochenta

    shit is wack anyways nigga, weak record!!!