2 Chainz made several changes to his camp following the San Francisco robbing he endured earlier this year. Revealing that he fired his bodyguard as a result of the incident, the rapper tells that the misfortune did not come as too much of a shock simply because growing up in the hood prepared him for situations like such.

In an interview with Vlad TV, 2 Chainz opened up about the matter stating that he's used to happenings like that because in his lifetime, he's been through it all. "Coming from where I come from, it's certain instincts that you have, it's certain reflexes that you have. And I can't expect everyone to...I can't expect everybody to know what to do. I can't expect everyone to know how to do certain things because it's different habitats", said the rapper reflecting on the June incident.

Continuing that he let go of the security working that day, not only because they conducted interviews surrounding the robbery but for reasonings that they were unequipped for the job and not down for the cause.

Watch the clip above.