Although 2 Chainz had quite a hectic schedule prior to the release of his second studio album, he still made time to visit Pimp C's mother, Mama C before her passing. Detailing that he made it to the hospital the actual day of her calling, he tells that she was a very influential figure in his life and her loss was a tragic moment for  the hip-hop community.

While rolling through Jamaica, Queens with Revolt TV, 2 Chainz opened up about two people who help cultivate his character. Mentioning both his dad and Mama C, Chainz tells that both helped guide him as a adolescent in the game. Adding that although he only met her son Pimp C one time,  he maintained a very close relationship with her and her family.

Also speaking on the anniversary of Tupac's death, reflecting that it was indeed another sad moment for hip-hop, 2 Chainz revealed that Pac strongly inspires his work ethic. Never knowing when his time will come, like Pac, he said he always makes sure to cease the day.

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