15 Steps To Being A Great MC

Strong Team

There is no I in Team and you can’t take 0ver the world by yourself. It becomes your support system when times are rough and a strong team can help you develop a strong marketing plan to present you to the audience.

Competitive/Work Ethic

Kendrick said it best “I’m sure they’re good friends off the court. But when you’re in that booth, you have to be able to annihilate whoever’s out there and that keeps the level of hip-hop alive, as far as the culture.” This isn’t two hand touch, rap is competitive. If you want to be the best, you have to work for it.


Not saying you have to dress in tuxedos all day long. However, you must be somewhat reasonable. Have your unique look, wether its off the wall, dirty, or super clean, present it well.

Risk Taker

With great risk comes reward, you can’t be afraid to push the envelope.


Remember you are a artist, get weird.

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  • BrianRaider

    Wow Are You Serious?!? This Way Caught Me Off Guard. Shiiiet Its To A T Like The Pharrell Joint. I Woulda Though A Star MC Wrote This Shit. I Tend To Exaggerate Sometimes… But It Sounds Good Ahahahhahahahahhaa! And Ahhhhh Yes Patients Stay resilient, work hard but don’t rush things, don’t be hasty or impetuous. I Mean Im Tired Of Livin Like This Man… This Can’t Be Life! “It’s A World Out There Nigga… Is You Livin Or Not?!?”-Brian Raider-Top Of The World. Like People Really Don’t Know How Crucial It Is To A Rapper To See Some Kind Of Success. Like Capital Steez Committed Suicide. R.I.P To The Brother That Was Sad. But I’m Making The Point That Life Is Serious! I Wanna Get In the Game! I Know I Possess Most Of These Named Attributes But… Like… It’s Like No One Major Has Co-Signed My Music. Maybe One Day… Lord Willin’… Damn… But In The Meantime Youtube Search Brian Raider ! Ahahahahahahahhaha