15 Steps To Being A Great MC


So you want to begin a career as a MC? This is not a easy career choice. The odds of becoming a successful rapper is slim, but its not impossible. Icons have come from all walks of life to become hip-hop legends. XXL wants to help you become a great MC and develop what it takes to become a master of the trade.  We put together a list that shows you fifteen steps to being the next icon.

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  • BrianRaider

    Wow Are You Serious?!? This Way Caught Me Off Guard. Shiiiet Its To A T Like The Pharrell Joint. I Woulda Though A Star MC Wrote This Shit. I Tend To Exaggerate Sometimes… But It Sounds Good Ahahahhahahahahhaa! And Ahhhhh Yes Patients Stay resilient, work hard but don’t rush things, don’t be hasty or impetuous. I Mean Im Tired Of Livin Like This Man… This Can’t Be Life! “It’s A World Out There Nigga… Is You Livin Or Not?!?”-Brian Raider-Top Of The World. Like People Really Don’t Know How Crucial It Is To A Rapper To See Some Kind Of Success. Like Capital Steez Committed Suicide. R.I.P To The Brother That Was Sad. But I’m Making The Point That Life Is Serious! I Wanna Get In the Game! I Know I Possess Most Of These Named Attributes But… Like… It’s Like No One Major Has Co-Signed My Music. Maybe One Day… Lord Willin’… Damn… But In The Meantime Youtube Search Brian Raider ! Ahahahahahahahhaha