Live concerts is an amazing, awe-inspiring experience. To see your favorite group or artist perform your favorite songs live, whether in at a huge festival or a small underground haven, is a magical experience. The unappreciated aspect that makes a show grand, is the hype man. A perfect combination can become a masterful tag team, parallel to Batman and Robin.

The hype man is essential to a live performance. He is a integral piece to the whole show.  Its his job to be the support for the performer, give the performer energy and keep the crowd engaged at all times. This isn't a easy job nor a job that should be treated lightly. What performer you know doesn't have a hype man, whether its a another person or the DJ, the hype man is always involved. XXL wants to help you become a great hype man to ensure that you have what it takes to become a master of the trade.  We put together a list that shows you fifteen steps to being the perfect hype man.