15 Highest-Selling Debut Rap Albums In Hip-Hop History



12 (Tied). Ma$e – Harlem World

Debut: October 28, 1997

Sales: 4 Million

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  • Benzion

    its crazy how much xxl hiphopdx etc puts all this energy on record sales vs actual skill. SMDH!!!

    • blackguy

      people have very, very different opinions on “skill”, the most direct reflection of an artist’s support, following, and # of fans is records sales…

  • jusholla

    So Kris Kross…Totally Krossed Out is missing…They sold more than 3 milliout out the gate.

    • That Guy

      It’s definitely ranked at 12th place.

  • Benzino

    hahaha! xxl is gay! they deleted my comment!! losers!!! you get an L!!!!

  • Infamous

    GOAT BTNH actually gettin love

  • Asger

    why only count the US sales??

  • simon says..

    “The Slim Shady LP” is not Eminem’s debut album.His debut album is “Infinite” released ’96

    • yourignorant

      your dumb as fuck. infinite was his first self released album, a debut album is a debut from a major recording label you stupid fuck get your facts right. ignorant ass.

      • simon says..

        No need to insult anyone.if there is anyone that is ignorant it is you dipshit.You don’t need to resort to personal attacks