On September 13, 1996 Tupac Shakur died tragically at the age of 25, but his musical legacy has only grown since then. In our recent interviews with performers and producers who knew Tupac, multiple people cited his stunning work ethic as an essential part of what made him such a compelling and vital artist. He was prolific, logging hours of studio time and storing verses for future projects, always finding inspiration in the world around him. So it's hardly surprising that he's had so much material come out since his death.

Though Tupac released only five official studio albums while he was alive, in death he's released six full-lengths—and that's not even counting addition to collaborative albums, rarity collections, soundtracks and more. It's a lot to sift through, even for the most dedicated and devoted Tupac fan.

Not all of these posthumous projects have been great—part of the problem with being so prolific means that you've got more ideas than you know what to do with—but there are still songs in his posthumous material that rival the best tracks he released while alive. Today, we've selected 15 great Tupac posthumous Tupac tracks that display his range, creativity and dedication. -Written by Dan Jackson, Eric Diep and C. Vernon Coleman